Monday, January 19, 2009


1911 – METAL PIG
1923 – WATER PIG
1935 – WOOD PIG
1947 – FIRE PIG
1959 – EARTH PIG
1971 – METAL PIG
1983 – WATER PIG
1995 – WOOD PIG

A sort of kind understanding, honest type of creature, a good peacemaker and help to create harmony among friends, opposing to unfairness, hates any sort of unpleasantness and discord, an able conversationalist character.

The Pig more than often speak through its thoughts truthfully and to the point without hesitation, and a wonderful and excellent speaker, always follow rules and regulation, law and order. Dislike false accusation, seek justice fairly, does not believe or convince in falsehood or hypocrisy matters and will want clear and transparency while doing its work and business.

They are not easily fall for lies or con stories and will seek out for justification to put things in order. Practically they reasonably tolerant by nature, will easily forgive and forget others wrongdoings without holding any grudges or thoughts of revenge or in vindictive manner.

Their interest in group social activities bring forth much popularity to them and also loyal to their societies or clubs helping all out at each important functions and gatherings. They great and excellent in fundraising for good deeds and charities with their convincing speech or persuasive discussions and love to be involved with humanitarian causes helping those whom need their assistance.

Most Pigs are conscientious hard working people and duly respected for their honesty, reliability and integrity by their employers, associates and friends. Normally they will be searching for various types of work but best to be in service for others which makes them happier.

Unselfishly they can provide their valued time to benefits their colleagues, employers, associates and friends without any demand of repaying or credit in any form. With a smiling face and armed with considerable sense of humour used to entertain with jokes or whimsical remarks which attract many audience and will be an excellent personality in show business.

Pigs seldom say ‘No’ when approached even though not very firm in decisions and unfortunately friends seems to take advantage of their nature and impose upon their generosity and will refuse if they feel enough of ‘Yes’ are given.

At times pigs are rather naive and gullible and if being at any time they feel that others are letting them down or treated as a sucker they will immediately become self reliant. After many failures and disappointment, that will make them realise the mistakes and putting pieces together at later stage with their determination will enable then to become successful entrepreneurs or forged a good career in life.

With strong sense of faith and powerful determination, they can easily overcome setbacks and will recover in a matter of time thus achieving their goals in life. Although they spend freely at times but always make reserves for the future and being shrewd with their financial matters which make many Pigs rich and famous.

No matter how stubborn The Pig is and when decided to pursue their ambitions or dreams they seldom make changes in their views or objectives even with much pleading from their love ones. After all the hard work and achievements they will usually know how to spend their fruits of labour in luxury vacations, ordering expensive meals, picking the best wine in town or pampering themselves in expensive activities.

By nature they not the ones that go for big functions, parties or mixing with strangers but love to enjoy with a small group of friends and always become the centre of attraction. To them, home is very important and will make sure to fix all sorts of luxury items for their comfort and being a keen and good gardener love to live in houses with big compound rather in the squeezing town area.

Most Pigs are popular with their friends and associates and practically have many romances before settling down but once settle, they tends to be a loyal partner toward the love one and compatible well suited with The Rabbit, Goat, Tiger, Dog or another Pig.
With its kind nature, honesty, open hearted and easy going manner, they will be able to establish rather fine relationship with the remaining signs of the Chinese Horoscope except the wily, self guarded and secretive Snake which can intensely irritating them thus unable to conform their friendship in any aspect.

Regarding the female Pig, their top priority is to love and protect their family well and devoted all energies to ensure that the family stays comfortably and giving the best is their pleasure. Their home is sometimes tidy and sometimes unclean because of their nature which likes to help others thus neglecting the housework.

Female Pigs care much for appearances and have a taste in fashionable clothes; they talented as an excellent organiser and with friendly gesture towards the circle of friends more than often can easily achieve their objectives in due course.

Finally, as mentioned they are usually lucky and never lack of funds when in need but one setback is that if they allow others to take much more advantage of its good nature and is not afraid of asserting themselves will not only win many admiration of many and certainly be successful in life over matters.